Export Agent

Cases, when an export agent in China is necessary:

1. When the client does not want to show the real producer in the documents.
2. When there are several manufacturers and it is necessary to combine the consignments, and for ease of documents workflow it is convenient to have one set of documents from one exporter.
3. When the factory does not have an export license.
4. When the prices in Yuan are significantly lower than the prices in Dollars, it is more profitable to work through an exporter, even paying his commission charge.
5. When a customer receives a loan under a contract with one sole Chinese exporter for big volume of goods, rather than having many suppliers with small turnovers of goods.
6. In order that the exporter to sign internal contracts with Chinese manufacturers, to get leverage of influence to manufacturers under the laws of China.
7. In the case of additional agreements with the exporter, and he credits the client.
8. To save money on bank transfers to many suppliers, a single transfer to the exporter is performed.
9. In the case of additional agreements the client can sell the Chinese goods to his customers directly from China through the exporter, by including his margin in the of price exporter.

The process of purchasing from China with export agent services:

1. The client and the exporter conclude an agency contract for the provision of export services from China, as well as conclude a buy-sell contract.
2. The client himself finds manufacturers, he discusses with them the prices, quality and samples.
3. The client provides the list of manufacturers, quality requirements and delivery conditions.
4. The exporter concludes agreements with manufacturers, which contain all the client's requirements to producers.
5. Control over compliance with the terms of delivery, quality control, loading and shipment are organized and controlled by the client.
6. The exporter receives advance payment from the client and transfers it to manufacturers.
7. The factories present the documents to the goods to the exporter, pay for delivery of goods to the port and port charges.
8. The exporter is exporting the goods and submits all required documents to the client.
9. Payment of balance for goods to the manufacturers is accomplished by the exporter upon receipt of funds from the client, in compliance with conditions previously agreed by the client and the manufacturers.

Cost of export agent services:

Exporter’s commission fee is 2% of the amount of your order and is included in the price for the goods.
The exchange rate difference of Dollar to Yuan is compensated by the client additionally.