Representative in China

ALFA POWER Company is ready to represent your interests in your business relations with Chinese partners, manufacturers and suppliers. This includes a complex of services offered by our company for your business optimization and reduction to minimum of your expenses.

Our basic functions:

  • search and attraction of new suppliers;
  • assistance in negotiations with suppliers;
  • test of samples;
  • organization of testing of new products according to international stantards or your instructions;
  • assistance in placing orders;
  • quality control at all steps of production;
  • checking compliance with the production schedule;
  • assistance in finding solutions for appeared problems;
  • quality control of shipped goods;
  • preparing and sending of shipment documents;
  • control of loading the goods into container;
  • organization of shipment.

Additional functions:

  • assistance in procurement of Power Tools and Garden Tools/Machines.
  • organization production and quality control of the products.

Due to high level of Chinese Power Tools industry and Garden Tools industry development, working with China is a tempting and promising activity, for which reason companies from all over the world are seeking to establish business relationships with Chinese partners. At the same time, working with China is quite difficult and time-consuming. Especially when the language barrier exists, misunderstandings often can happen.
Using our representative services your company will be rescued of many problems related to setting up and managing your own infrastructure in China. We have Chinese, English, Russian and Romanian speaking personnel, with years of experience in Power Tools and Garden Tools industry and thoroughly familiar with the specifics of work with China. Our team will act on behalf of your company, will execute search of manufacturers, will assist in negotiations, will fulfill quality control, will organize shipment of goods and will support you in solving all emerging issues.
Our office is located in Shanghai City, close to many Economic Development Areas in Zhejiang and Jiangsu, which makes it possible to visit factories as often as necessary to control the whole production process. Our specially trained Quality Control inspectors with higher technical education are able to detect visible problems at each stage of production, as well as check quality and quantity of the final goods, which assures a high level quality of the products supplied by our company.

6 Reasons to Use Our Representation Services in China:

1. Office in Shanghai - will represent your interests in your business relations with Chinese partners;
2. Assistance at search of manufacturers and carry on negotiations – helpful to avoid misunderstandings between you and your suppliers from China;
3. Experienced personnel - will organize and execute all activities according to our standards or your special instructions;
4. Trained inspectors - will fulfill Quality Control at each stage of production;
5. You get a professional report in English, Russian or Romanian language in due time;
6. No need to set up, maintain and manage a separate agency in China – YOU SAVE TIME, EFFORTS AND MONEY and can focus more on development of your brand on the market.

Our professional team will offer you a complex of services oriented to the development of your business, which will allow your company to minimize the cost for procurement department. We expect to establish long term business relationships for mutual benefits and create a bright future together. We welcome all Power Generators, Power tools and Garden Tools retailers from all over the world to contact us and discuss possible partnership.

Cooperating with us – you will forget the problems related to importing goods from China!